We practice the right way to send bulk e-mails and have taken measures to manage a legitimate bulk e-mail list. We have sought expert advice from consultants for having a complete understanding of the issue of legitimate bulk e-mail. We have undertaken Address acquisition and have ensured that it meets the relevant gold standard for verifying permission. We believe that the Truth in advertising is of importance.

We State our policies and the nature of bulk e-mail straightly at the time of subscription and don’t hide any information on remote pages, behind hyperlinks, or in jargon. We Use properly registered domains with working web addresses. We don’t hide behind mazes of domains or resort to snowshoe spamming. We Use proper SPF records and DKIM signatures.

We maintain and have an upkeep of list as current as possible and Remove unsubscribed requests and bounces. We Mail the list at regular intervals at least once a week and remove address with three bounces.

We have servers that will automatically retry deferred deliveries at different time intervals. We do not intrude into the space of others. We always seek expert advice and the aim of all these strategies is that the user may have the best experience and fulfill his objective of sending bulk emails in the best possible manner without any glitch in a speedy manner.