Our bulk sms solution is interactive and cost effective along with the speed of internet and the mobile phone. Its product design making it attractive to today’s competitive market environment, and is suitable shapely and stylish offering instant communication with your customers and others. We Use Application Programming Interface techniques, for information and communication, and deliver SMS messages to, mobile handsets anywhere.

In the present era SMS services are a cheap and good option to advertise the products. Now there is huge and profound importance of mobile phones. We undertake huge volume of SMS to be sent to any recipient like customers, clients, companies or individuals, for various purposes efficiently. We provide an SMS gateway for our users to send SMS messages. The cost per SMS message remains the same for all destinations within India.

It can be integrated with existing applications to give features, SMS alerts, CRM/ERM. We Use relevant Customer Support System. These are delivered in seconds and the sender will get confirmation of Bulk SMS delivery. It has the capacity to generate response from customers. Our SMS Scheduling - sending SMS at a designated time and multiple routing are attractive features. We do not have a monthly fee, or hidden costs.

We have the best service tool to send bulk text messages, invitations, season greetings, notifications, job alerts, advertisements, marketing campaign, product promotions. Our software supports handsets of all national and international mobile networks. Our sms provider application has been designed to meet all type of requirements and adjusts with all demands.